Why Choose Let My Roof Ltd

Let My Roof Ltd is not just another Letting and Management agent offering a similar service as the high street agent; we actually care about our clients and like to remove the stress and burden of letting and managing residential properties. We also provide a service with a smile; that we like to share.

We realise that our actions can have an immediate effect on our stakeholders and therefore acknowledge that we serve a duty to everyone.  We understand that not all Landlords and Tenants are the same and therefore provide a more personalised service which we endeavour to fulfil consistently and exceed expectations when and where we can.

Many third party 'for sale by owner' (FSBO) sale/letting agencies have tried going the 'on-line' route and encourage Landlords to advertise their own property in order to eliminate the Letting Agent.  However, the main reason these companies have not succeeded is evident that there is a requirement for agents as the specialists in the field. 

Many Landlords and Investors prefer to deal with industry experts rather than trying to talk 'bread with the butcher' and 'meat with the baker'; unless you're making meatloaf of course!

Landlords and investors prefer to deal with agents as they do not like to have the headache and stress of dealing with the intricacies of marketing the property, selecting the correct media, knowing what works and what doesn't work, finding decent Tenants, negotiating rents, dealing with references, chasing paperwork, have Tenants bug them on every minor problem that arises etc.

This allows us to eliminate the stress from the Landlord so they can spend their time more productively.

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Let My Roof... Taking Care of Your Letting and Management