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Let My Roof Ltd offers a multilevel service depending on what extent of provision the Landlord requires to let or manage the Property. 

 Tenant Find Only 

1.     Offer advice to the suggested rental income

2.     Advertise and generally market the property

3.     Interview prospective tenants and take up references; where necessary, additional security would be requested by means of a guarantor.

4.     Prepare the Tenancy Agreement and corresponding Notices necessary for the Landlord to gain protection of the relevant Rent and Housing Acts, renew the Agreement where necessary at the end of the Term.

5.     Liaise with a Landlord's mortgagees where necessary with regard to references and Tenancy Agreement.

 Let and Part Manage (inc. above 1 - 5) 

6.     Taking a deposit from the tenant to be held by the Agent as stakeholders until the end of the tenancy when the Property and contents have been checked for unfair wear and tear.

7.     Collecting the rent monthly and paying it over to the Landlord monthly (normally within 30 days of collection) less any fees or expenses due or incurred for the period.

8.     Arranging with the service companies (such as the providers of electricity, gas, water and Council services) for meter readings to be taken and advising them of the transfer of service contracts to the tenant(s) at the beginning of each tenancy.

9.     Carrying out regular inspections of the property on a periodic basis. Note that responsibility for the management of empty property is not normally included, and will only be carried out by special arrangement.

 Full Management (inc above 1 - 9) 

10. Co-coordinating repair or maintenance including arranging for tradesmen to attend the property and obtaining estimates where necessary, supervising works and settling accounts from rents received.

11. Making payments on behalf of the Landlord, from rents received, for water rates, insurance premiums, Council Tax, electricity, gas, service charges and other necessary expenditure (If applicable).

12. Carrying out a full property inspection and inventory check at the end of each tenancy and dealing with matters relating to unfair wear and tear before releasing the tenant's deposit.

13. Collecting and forwarding Landlords' mail.

Inventory Fees

The inventory includes written or photographic documentation where necessary of the property of its contents and conditions; including taking meter readings where necessary.
 We would contact suppliers for £40 if the Inventory is not carried out by us if you would like us to.  The inventory provided is an electronic version (pdf document).  A printed version can be acquired at an extra cost depending on how many pages the inventory is.  Please note the exit inventory procedure may also be chargeable as the same as entry and only used for comparison.


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